Saturday May 12th 2018 10:00 am –  8:00 pm





What if the search for intimacy and connection was an illusion?  What if everything you need is all here now?


On Saturday 12 May 2018, the Divine Feminine Collective, together with internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, music therapist and kundalini / white tantra practitioner Jay Hoad, will be running a day of workshops on Intimacy & Inner Union and an evening Shamanic Cacao Ceremony South ceremony on the Gold Coast.


Come along if you are interested in learning the yummy and juicy knowledge of energy and love, beyond the words and stories, but from the heart.


Inner Union Workshop

In this workshop, Jay will share knowledge and practices on understanding the unique balances of feminine and masculine energy that leads to shaping how one chooses to present themselves in all aspects of their lives, in each moment of the now. This knowledge may have the ability to greatly assist in balancing one’s essence, chakras, soul, purity and presence, sensitivity and love for one’s self and in turn, sharing love based energy with each individuals tribe and with self, possibly much deeper than they ever thought possible.


These techniques give people the ability to own all aspects of their lives exactly as they are without judgement. To assist the individual in choosing love without gravitating towards lower vibrational / reactive fear based emotions and decision for self and towards others, in turn possibly raising the vibration of self and the paths of all they share their unique energy with.


Learn to activate the various aspects of masculine and feminine energy with the individuals to call “into service” what is needed as it unfolds without outsourcing for validation or needing others energy or things to feel a complete sense of wholeness in each and every moment exactly as it unfolds. To truly feel and own everything without the need for spiritual bypass, or being a “pleaser”, or settling for anything less that all you have ever dreamed of.


Intimacy Workshop

Throughout life, each individual has a unique set of experiences that may shape the stories, choices and future experiences that one may create as their reality or illusion. Possibly, it is these unique sets of individual experiences that shape much of who are believe we are. Many of these experiences and opinions can often be rooted in an individual from childhood, caused by other people’s opinions and projections and most often by the people who have been closest to us. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) often by people who have constructed these perceptions onto another based on their individual previous traumas or fear based emotions.


This can often create an individual’s ego to resonate with stories and themes that possibly shape them into being someone they actually are not fully in love with to the depth of their core, possibly even choosing to live a life their heart does not truly resonate. These workshops will allow one to be vulnerable enough to learn to feel beyond the mind and into the heart. And, into the heart to let the heart speak its truth beyond the power of the mind.


In this intimacy workshop, you will learn knowledge on how to develop true intimacy beyond the illusion of what we may have been taught, the intimacy that every individual is deeply craving and always has beyond the stories. The intimacy with oneself and with their beloved that the heart may have always searched and craved for. What if the search was an illusion? What if everything you need is all here now? Come along if you are interested in learning the yummy and juicy knowledge of energy and love, beyond the words and stories, but from the heart.


Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Journeys

Cacao has been used a health elixir and ceremonial medicine dating back to 1900BC, documented as being used by the Ancient ancestors of the Olmec people from Central America. Later it was used as a ritualistic medicine by the Mayan and Aztec cultures. All vitamins and minerals found in cacao are also produced naturally in the human body and perform essential functions, although these days external factors such as pursuing busy lifestyles and following a western diet heavily diminishes these chemicals in our natural state. The intake of ceremonial cacao can be considered to allow somewhat of a reset to connect with our natural state of being.


Jay is really excited to be bring the Cacao Journey experience to the Gold Coast for the first time, they have been working so well in other parts of the world and feels the people of this beautiful region will absolutely love this unique experience. People are often confused about what pure cacao actually is (as opposed to off the shelf style cacao or chocolate). Basically, brands of chocolate such as Cadbury are missing 99% of the 1200 active components of ceremonial cacao. Even the slightly purer blends of chocolate such as Lindt are still missing around 80%. Processing, preparation temperature, ingredients and hybridization of all contribute to this. The cacao that Jay imports into Australia is 100% ceremonial grade raw cacao imported from Guatemala. And, is carefully prepared with love and ritual throughout the day of the ceremony, combining herbs, spices and natural raw sweeteners to transform this bitter cacao into a luxurious delicacy that is somewhat of a silky liquid warm chocolate drink that is absolutely delicious.


The effect of cacao is known for generating somewhat of a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions, and most importantly opening the heart chakra. It has been said that on a spiritual level cacao may show you the door but will never push you through it, and when we combine this ancient tradition with the frequencies and pulses from instruments such as didgeridoos, Medicine Drums, Singing Bowls, Cosmic Tone drums etc (music therapy) it really deepens the experience, the euphoric possibilities and the inner connection.


To give you a taster, here is a link to one of Jay’s Cacao ceremonies:



Jay Hoad is an internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, music therapist and kundalini / white tantra practitioner. Jay is coming to the Gold Coast in May 2018 and has recently returned to Australia after touring India with his unique “Shamanic Cacao Ceremony Sound Journey” experiences, as well as running his own classes on inner union (masculine / feminine energy balancing), intimacy, higher purpose discovery and sound healing, as well as continuing his own studies in Kundalini, Yoga, Tantra and Music Therapy.


Jay has spent the last 10 years touring and studying around the world, having now performed in 37 countries having major success with the release of his “Earth Music” albums. Last year Hoad performed 210 shows throughout seven countries with his unique multi-instrumental solo show with 17 instruments on stage. He has released five albums of original music, the latest of which won ABRA “roots album of the year” in Australia in 2016.


Jay has a diploma in Contemporary Music (AUS), Diploma in Sound Therapy (USA), a degree in Jazz (AUS), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (India), Tantra Practitioner (Studied with Eliyah Tantra School AUS) and Essence of Life Tantra School India and an Ayurvedic / Deep Tissue Massage Therapist (India). He founded “he founded “Healing with Harmony” in the USA, Earth Music International (AUS / USA) and is currently launching his new business “Harmonic Earth Holistic” with this partner Nicole Tretiakov, working with individuals and couples with tantra based philosophies and techniques with the primary focus of taking intimacy with self and your beloved to the next level, on all levels.


His gift is his unique way of creating a safe container to speak, share and listen, holding presence for the feminine and masculine to feel 100% safe with all and everything that may or may not come up. To possibly assist each individual in a comfortable and safe enough environment that one may feel vulnerable enough with self to pen from ego, to witness, observe and possibly move energies and beliefs that may be preventing oneself from coming into full power with purity and clarity. To understand and discover aspects of one’s individual highest purpose, allowing one to connect more deeply and purely with one’s self, beloved, family and friends. To go deeper on love and intimacy, and connect with the heart beyond the mind, to learn to understand the energy beyond the words.


Venue and Tickets

$150 +bf Early Bird tickets (until 15 April 2018)  

$175 +bf Normal Price (from 16 April 2018)

$210 on the day


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